YANO is the earliest enterprise to produce basal and dressing micronutrients fertilizer in the field of production , R &D and promotion in domestic. Established in 2001, YANO has owned the powerful influence in the international marketing, and renowned for numbers of related patents.

Based on the several years of international cooperation experiences, YANO has developed its own unique production technology independently. It is also the earliest enterprise to deep research and develop on magnesium fertilizer,  basal and dressing micronutrients fertilizer in Asian . We focus on sustainable development of agriculture, and devoted to promotion and application of micronutrients fertilizer and biostimulant, and built a complete functional agriculture model.

In 2016, YANO dominated draft and issue the first granule micronutrients industry standard in China. With the benefits of international business experiences, YANO is constantly striving to cooperate with foreign research institutions and companies for purpose of enlarging marketing share and influence.

YANO always insist on Micronutrients into the soil, and tremendous benefits for life, and aims to find out our own sustainable agriculture development way .