SEMT | Same Element Multi-effect

According to the nutrients demand of crops, SEMT scientifically combines fast-effect nutrients ,chelated nutrients,intermediate-acting nutrients and slow-acting oxides into one granule to perform fast, middle and slow effect respectively.


SIMI-CHELATE | Similar Chelate

The SIMI-CHELATE process begins with a natural small-molecule chelate carrier. The carrier is treated with a biological process, that enables appropriate chelation of the nutrient element by the chelate carrier, and prevents soil fixation and nutrient loss. The simi-chelate carrier component is small, allowing it to pass freely through the cytoderm of plants, realizing superior nutrient transmission.

Traditional chelate products are fully chelated, requiring more energy to release nutrition after entering into the plant. SIMI-CHELATE easily chelates, while requires less energy to release nutrition, so that it’s more efficient and economical.


MCR | Micronutrients Control Release

Basing on the Process of SEMT and different requirements of nutrients in different grow period, control the nutrients release is vitally important. MCR technology can also adjust Yano granule fertilizer to delay or accelerate the release of nutrients to optimize the availability of nutrients over the environmental and growth cycles, effectively improving fertilizer utilization and reducing total amount of fertilizer that is needed.


G-TECH | Granulation Technology Operation Regulations System

G-TECH is not only a production technology but also a production safety operation operation regulations system and quality key points control process. G-TECH is a fundamental and advantage for YANO in granule fertilizer industry. YANO developed an advanced set of granulation technologies through importing and improving an exclusively the Japanese granulation production line. Also, there is regular professional training for YANO technicians. The result show that YANO granulated products have superior appearance and composition in the world-class.

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