MicroKey and RightMag have Entered Ri Zhao

In June of the this year is the first time for YANO team came to Ri Zhao to do some surveys about the fertilizer marketing and some special local l crops.

We had negotiated with three tree planting points and all of them showed interests in Mcronutrients fertilizer.

After the visiting in June, YANO team discussed more details with locals tea tree planters and came to an agreement that setting up the experiment filed in Ri Zhao on tea trees.

At the beginning of July, YANO Experiment Field on tea trees was finally established.Experiment Field (MicroKey and RootMag) in Guan Qing Company Guan Qing Company owns about 200mu tea planting garden,

Mr. Teng who is in charge in the tea garden management has shown much interests on YANO products and is willing to cooperate with YANO to build the experiment field in the tea garden.

On the date 5th Jul., the experiment field for MicroKey and RootMag has established in the Guan Qing


Were working to set up the experiment brand


Guan Qing tea planting management manager Mr. Teng Jun


Furrowing for application




Were visiting local planters for more actual information

Experiment Field in Yu Qing Company

Yu Qing Company owns about 100mu tea planting garden. Their management theory is no fertilizer, no harming for tea trees.  We are following the manger Mr. Yu to observe the tea garden and we have found that the tea leaves are very thin and small, the tea trees are growing in a not very good situation.


This is the sales manager Mr.Yu


Were introducing the products to Mr. Yu

Experiment Field in Nan Hu

Sheng Xiangquan is an individual planter who owns about 30mu tea garden and has his own business selling tea. The main fertilizer for Mr. Sheng to use on tea trees is organic fertilizer. We observed that the biggest problem for the tea trees is the acid soil. The tree leaves are thin and small, some tea trees have the obvious nutrient deficiency. Mr. Sheng was willing to try YANO products in his tea trees.


We have delivered the products to planter


Mr.Sheng is showing MicroKey


The Experiment Field