Feedback from Lin Yi in August

On the date 15th August, YANO team paid a return visiting for feedback data from the YANO Experiment Field in Lin Yi City, Shan Dong Province. This time we mainly visited the tomato planting field, unfortunately, local tomatoes were experiencing a disease disaster when we arrived Meng Yin County, a county in Lin Yi, which local farmers are making their living on planting vegetables and fruits. However, the good news came from this disease disaster is the tomatoes in YANO Experiment Field performed the superiority compared other planting.

Basic Information

TimeIn the middle of May in 2017

Crops: Tomato

Experiment Field Area0.3mu

TreatmentMicroKey 2.5KG/mu+RootMag 5KG/mu

Soil conditions before the experimentThe pH for soil is around 5.4 with mosses on the surface

For partial serious soil acidification, the pH value is around 4.


When we arrived Meng Yin County, we saw the following scene:



Local farmers are do helpless faced to the disaster.The picture showed we were asking for more information from farmer.

Compared to the disaster tomato , we can see tomato in the YANO Experiment Field had showed a superior growing situation.

The experiment field was applicated with MicroKey and RootMag, about three months later, soil acidification has been improved and both the quality and single fruit weight also have been improved.

 Most important, in this local disease disaster, the experimented tomato showed a anti-stress ability.


We can see from the picture, the disease on the experimented tomato is not very obvious.

Data Feedback

Chlorophyll Content





pH value for soil :


The contrast for soil pH is not that obvious, but the soil condition has been improved.


The contrast picture between experiment group and CK


The fruit in CK group had obvious nutrient deficiency and showed a weak ability on anti-stress.

In the same growing situation, the experiment group had got no nutrient deficiency symptom and the plants were in a more healthy growing trend.

The group photo with farmers