Experiment Field established in Ri Zhao

Ri Zhao owned 120 thousand mu tea trees with annual 1500 ton production which covers more than half of the tea area in the whole province.

The most famous tea planting town is Ju Feng Town and we have contacted with local famous tea factory to establish the experiment.

Site One: Town (Tea Town has gathered many manufactures and retailers and each manufacture has its own tea garden)



We are taking a photo with Yu Guoqiang, (the person who in charge of the experiment )

Site two: Hundreds of tea garden



Our Technical staff is inspecting the pH value of soil and chlorophyll content


Group photo

Site three: Nan Hu Town

We have been to Nan Hu Town for two times, the private planter Mr. Sheng has showed the interests in YANO products. We helped Mr. Sheng to use MicroKey and RootMag.



We also test the soil condition when were fertilizing the tea trees.


Were showing the experiment results on other sites to the local people