Feedback of Test Plots in Laiwu, Shandong Province

Date: 2017.10.19

Product: MicroKey+RootMag

Crop: Red Fuji apple

Location: Laiwu city, Shandong province

Test Result

Yano agricultural service team came to Laiwu to experiment in Wang Yixins apple orchards on 18th June, 2017.

 According to the dosage of 5kg MicroKey and 10kg RootMag per-acre, fertilizer was applied. And our team returned on October 19 to observe the results.


The above is the whole comparison of the test plots.

As you can see, the experimental group's veraison should be earlier than the control group.

 And Yano fertilizer spur apples color very much.


Remove 12 apples from each of the groups on a comparison.

 As you can see, the size of fruits in the experimental group is greater and more evenly than the control group.

 The fruits of the control group, however, are unripe.


Comparing the individual fruit, the color and appearance of the fruit were significantly better than the control groups.



Compared with the apple weight in the same group, the control group weighed 5.2 jin and the experimental group weighed 6.6 jin.

When it comes to the per fruit weight, size and appearance, the experimental groups are significantly better than the control groups.

The average per fruit weight of the control group is 216.66g. However, the experimental group is 275g by computation.

 The average per fruit weight gain 59g. Through comparison of macro survey it can be a 26.92% increase in production.





The thickness of leaves and the content of chlorophyll increase significantly.

And photosynthesis is enhanced to improve nutrient utilization and resistance of plant.



By measurement, we can see that the pH value of the experimental group is slightly higher than that of the control group.

 So, the long-term scientific application of MicroKey and RootMag, soil can be improved effectively.



In contrast, the brix of the experimental group is higher than that of the control group.

So all in all, usage of Yano products can improve the quality of fruit, the content of brix and the taste effectively.

Inspection Team for Picture