Feedback of Test Plots in Laixi, Shandong Province

Date: 2017.10.13

Product: MicroKey+RootMag

Crop: Crimson Seedless grape

Location: Qiji village, Shandong province

Test Result

Yano agricultural service team came to Laixi to experiment in Jiang Fengrongs vineyards on 17th April, 2017. According to the dosage of 5kg MicroKey and 2.5kg RootMag per-acre, fertilizer was applied. And our team returned on October 13 to observe the results.


Through surveys and comparative studies, we found that experimental group has much better performances than the control group when it comes to the quality, the color, the appearance and the size of grapes.



The leaves in the experimental group are dark green, large and also with a neat appearance and no pests. The control group, however, has obvious symptoms of chlorophyll deficiency.



ontent of chlorophyll in the experimental group is significantly higher than that in the control group. The High content of chlorophyll can strengthen photosynthesis, thereby advancing nutrient absorption.



The pH value of the experimental group is obviously higher than that of the control group. According to this situation, we can see that the long-term scientific application of Yano products can improve soil and the growing conditions of crops efficiently.


Compared with the control group, the results show that the per fruit weight of the experimental group is increased significantly. According to this situation, we can see that the long-term scientific application of Yano Products can improve both quantity and quality of crops.


When it comes to the grapes brix, taste and competitiveness in the market, the experimental group is much greater than the control group so that the crops which applied our products are more popular among consumers.

Picture of Vineyard